Tips to Keeping Your Pet Safe on New Years

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for us to celebrate and to welcome the New Year with a blast.  Although it’s fun for most of us, it can mean stress and anxiety for our furry friends.  Pets can hear the explosion of a firework and panic and hurt themselves.  Since we can’t stop the fireworks, here are some tips to keeping your pet safe during the holidays. 

fireworks SOCAH.jpeg

Keep Them Indoors

Keep your pet in the house so they cannot escape the yard when the fireworks start.  If possible, provide a dark, quiet space with less furniture so they cannot hurt themselves if they are scared.  When pets get scared, they panic and will break through gates and fences.  Play music or turn on the TV to provide some ambient noise and distraction when the loud noises start.

Dog collar SOCAH.jpg

Put A Collar On Tonight

Just in case they do escape, make sure they are wearing their collar and ID tag.  This will make it easier for people to contact you if they find your pet, and hopefully avoid a trip to the pound.

A microchip and a grain of rice

A microchip and a grain of rice


Make Sure Your Pet is Microchipped

Collars can sometimes get caught on things and break.  A microchip is a rice-sized device that is implanted near your pet’s shoulder blades.  It does not emit any signals and unfortunately has no GPS location.  The chip reads more like a barcode.  It is standard procedure for animal shelters and most animal hospitals to scan all dogs that come in as a stray.  Contact the microchip company on an annual basis to make sure the information is up to date.  A common problem with most animals that have a microchip is the registered information is out of date and the owner cannot be contacted.

Call Your Veterinarian if You Need Medication

If you pet gets scared of fireworks, it’s not their fault.  They don’t understand what is going on and can suffer from anxiety and panic attacks just like us.  Speak to your veterinarian for advice.  There are medications available that can help keep them calm and safe during the holidays.  We don’t want them to escape or hurt themselves while everyone else is having a party.