How to Give Your Dog an Insulin Injection

In this video, Dr. Tani demonstrates how to administer an insulin injection. 

Insulin injections are administered subcutaneously (under the skin).  Please make sure that you double check your insulin dose before administration.  You may need someone to help you hold your pet.  Gently tent the skin over the shoulder blades.  You will create a small “triangle” of skin.  This is where you will administer the injection.  Quickly insert your syringe.  Pull the plunger back gently to make sure you do not draw back any blood or air.  If you do, just remove the syringe and start over.  If you do not have blood or air in the syringe, go ahead and push the plunger forward.  Remove the syringe and you’re done! 

Please call the hospital if you have any further questions.