Coyotes and Your Pets

Coyotes (Canis latrans) are a native species to California.  Highly adaptable, extremely versatile, and with a high reproductive rate, coyotes have adapted to the suburban lifestyle. 

WHEN YOUR DOG WANTS TO BE LET OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT DO NOT DO SO!!!!!  It is possible that your dog needs to potty outside.  It is also possible he hears something in your backyard. One of the most common scenarios where animals are mauled or eaten by coyotes is pets whining at the backyard, let outside by their owners, then attacked and taken away by coyotes.  Clients have shared their tragic stories with us and our colleagues.  Watching their beloved pet being attacked 10 feet away, or worse playing tug of war with a coyote while one end of the leash is held by the owner, the other end is their pet in the mouth of a coyote.

Encouraging your pet cat to be indoor/outdoor or outdoor only is generally not encouraged.  Besides the threat of being hit by a car, contracting FeLV or FiV, the threat of being eaten by a coyote is a real possibility.

Coyotes can jump 8-foot fences.  They can be seen on top of house roofs.  They have been seen CLIMBING chain link fences.  They can squeeze through the narrowest of gaps.  They can scale brick fences. 

Coyotes are losing their fear of humans.  Imagine driving down a busy road like Beach boulevard, Brookhurst, Lake Forest Ave,  El Toro Road, and watching a coyote trotting down the road.  They live among us.

This is not a “blame” situation.  Coyotes are part of this environment.  They have the instinct and drive to survive.  People have moved into this environment.  People make our homes wherever we can in this populated dense environment. 

By keeping your pets indoors, by eliminating RESOURCES such as food sources and water sources (i.e. do not leave your pet’s food and water bowls outside), and by not allowing your dog outside in the middle of the night – EVEN WHEN SUPERVISED – will help prevent loss and tragedy. 

Ask your family veterinarian for other words of advice.