Little Callie was Mauled by Another Dog

Veterinarian Alyson Tani South Orange County Animal Hospital.jpg

Little Callie was found in a shelter.  Another dog in her kennel had attacked and mauled the poor girl and she had infected bite wounds all over her face and neck.  She was also emaciated and had multiple scars on her chest from being attacked in the past.  We do not know where she came from, but looking at her older wounds you can tell it was not a happy place.  Despite her history, she is still a very sweet girl and gets along with other dogs.  

Due to the nature of her wounds, she was to be euthanized and only had minutes left.  A volunteer from The Little Red Dog rescue saved her and brought her to South Orange County Animal Hospital to have her wounds addressed by a veterinarian.  Because Callie was so sick, she also developed Kennel Cough.  This progressed into a secondary pneumonia due to her already weakened immune system.  She was cleaned up and started on medications.  Callie had to be placed in a special hospital ward because she was so sick and needed to be carefully watched.   

Now a month later, Callie has put on some weight and runs around like a happy little puppy.  She is no longer on any medications and her scars are healing.  Callie is a petite little girl.  She is approximately 2 years old, is a Staffordshire terrier mix and weighs only around 40 pounds.  She is potty trained and will sit on command.  If you are interested in adopting her please contact the hospital or the Little Red Dog!