A Diamond No Longer in the Rough

Jessica when she was first brought in

Jessica when she was first brought in

Jessica has had a hard start in life.  When she was just 3 months old, she was dropped off at the Little Red Dog Rescue.  She was very sick.  She was immediately taken to South Orange County Animal Hospital where she was diagnosed with Parvo virus and hospitalized.  Due to the contagious nature of her disease, she had to stay in the hospital’s special isolation unit.  She received several injections and IV fluids, and everyone was worried if she was going to make it.  Less than a week later, she started coughing and sneezing and she was suspected to have Kennel Cough.  She was started on therapy for the upper respiratory signs, but she did not get any better.  X-rays of her chest were taken, and revealed that she had developed pneumonia as well.  The diagnosis unfortunately prolonged her hospitalization in the isolation unit, but she was finally on the road to recovery. 

Jessica getting a bath

Because Jessica was so sick and in the hospital for so long, she didn't really have time to be a puppy.  She was taken to a foster home so she could stretch her legs while she continued to recover.  She also got a long awaited bath!

After weeks of therapy, Jessica is feeling much better.  She still has a stuffy nose, but she is running around like a normal puppy.  She gets along with other dogs and cats and is a very mellow dog who loves to give kisses.  Jessica is still receiving potty training, but she already knows how to sit on command.  She’s a very sweet and intelligent dog, and is waiting for a home to call her own.  If you are interested in adopting Jessica or other dogs like her, please contact us or the Little Dog Rescue.  

                                                               Sleeping gracefully on the couch

UPDATE 6/26/15:
Jessica has been adopted!  Thank you everyone for all your hard work and support.  Jessica is so happy with her new family and we wish them all the best.